STRIVE4You Participant Waiver Form

In consideration of participating in a STRIVE4You event, I, the undersigned, freely understand and acknowledge that my participation may involve physical contact which might result in serious injury or death. I agree:

1.  To comply with the terms and conditions for participation.  If I encounter any hazard, whether from myself or from others, during my participation in the STRIVE4You event, I agree to withdraw from participation, alert a STRIVE4You representative of my withdrawal, and remove myself from participation. 

2.  To indemnify and hold STRIVE4You, its director, its coaches, and its partners harmless from any and all injuries I may incur while participating.

3. To grant all rights, title, and interest in and to my name, image, voice, or statement, including any and  all photographic images and audio or video recordings captured during the STRIVE4You event. 

I certify that I am in good physical health and have no disclosed or undisclosed conditions or injuries that would impact upon, impair, or prevent my participation in the STRIVE4You event beyond reasonable accommodations.  

In the event I am injured during the course of the STRIVE4You event, I consent to being medically attended or treated by a physician, a nurse, athletic trainer, or other medical emergency personnel.