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STRIVE stands for Strength, Training, Recreation, Inspiring Vitality, and Empowerment. Our skill-based programs take a holistic peer-to-peer approach to learning and support. We believe that everyone can be someone great, and we strive every day to inspire all to achieve their full potential.

At STRIVE4You, our mission is to empower all individuals with low vision through physical recreation, as well as to educate professionals on how to best serve their clientele with low vision. We work each day to achieve a more inclusive and productive society through our services and peer-to-peer programs.

A Look Inside STRIVE!

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STRIVE4You’s Commitment to Excellence

STRIVE4You understands the importance of ensuring the programs and services we offer are of the highest quality. The STRIVE4You Evaluation Council is composed of educational professionals, content specialists deeply knowledgeable in the areas of service we provide, and community members. This council reviews and approves all curriculum and offerings facilitated by STRIVE4You to confirm each program is carefully assessed to guarantee top-notch, skill-based education.

Veterans Healthy Tomorrow Initiative

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STRIVE4You is proud to partner with the National Veterans Sports and Special Events program and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers from around the country to provide adaptive sports and recreational activities to promote physical and mental health for veterans with low vision. Through this initiative we offer Adaptive Sports Days, tournaments and camps, and access to our annual Adaptive Sports Conference to veterans free of charge. In addition to these services, STRIVE4You supports staff from over 12 medical centers, providing essential training on adapting recreation and the tools to facilitate ongoing programs and curriculum.

Become a SEED Instructor

Are you interested in making a difference in the life of a person with low vision? At STRIVE4You, we create opportunities for education and resources that teach individuals with low vision to travel independently with confidence and address any situation they may encounter. You can help by becoming an instructor of our Safety Education Empowering Defense (or SEED) curriculum. We are now accepting applications for individuals who share our passion for empowering others through our unique and life-changing program.

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