Professional Development Workshops

Workshops for Community Agencies, Professional Groups, and Conferences

Many professionals report they lack the knowledge, resources, or finances to provide
adaptive equipment required to include a person with low vision in their mainstream programs. STRIVE4You has developed the ARISE Access to Inclusion Plan to address this need. Our AAIP comprehensive curriculum explores the barriers a person with low vision may face when attempting to live an active lifestyle, and steps professionals in the recreational and sports fields can take to create a more inclusive environment.

These workshops can be stand-alone, incorporated into state or national conferences, or
professional development opportunities. STRIVE4You staff facilitates events ranging from
ninety minutes to a full day. Sample activities provided at these workshops may include disc
golf, goalball, beep baseball, beep kickball, bowling, and boccia. Our workshops give
participants the opportunity to experience an adaptive activity firsthand through the
perspective of someone with low vision. These workshops are also useful for those
born with low vision, those who may have developed challenges recently, or those who
are not aware of the options to live a healthier life available to them. Throughout the day
participants will engage in simulation training and interactive classroom-style learning with
the focus of developing sustainable adaptive recreation and sports programming in their

At conclusion of the workshop, participants will possess valuable knowledge
and skills which allow them to apply commonly used techniques for adapting activities for
people with low vision. Further, the workshops serve to familiarize participants
with existing types of adaptive sports equipment and vendors. Participants also receive
resource materials such as the STRIVE4You Access to Inclusion Plan and can earn
professional CE credits from ACVREP at completion, as well as professional development
certificates. STRIVE4You provides all equipment required and at least two professionally
qualified instructors to conduct the training sessions onsite at the desired location.


Other Presentation and Professional Conferences

Are you a member of a professional group or an advocacy organization that holds professional development trainings? Arguably the hardest detail of planning such an event is finding unique, engaging presenters and breakout sessions. Look no further! STRIVE4You can provide hands-on workshops featuring one or more adaptive sport or disability-related activity to enhance your event. Whether it is a small county or citywide professional development workshop or a state or national conference, STRIVE4You can provide well-qualified speakers to conduct a presentation ranging from 90 minutes to a full day.

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