Southern Beep Kickball

Beep kickball is a fun and growing team sport that STRIVE4You is excited to offer through one of our premiere annual tournaments. We welcome teams from across the country to join us for a day at the ballpark as we go back to our childhood and explore this new adaptive twist on an old beloved activity!

How Is Beep Kickball Played?

Beep kickball is played with a 10” soft foam beeping ball on a flat grassy field.  The sport includes two 4ft. buzzing bases positioned at first and third base. Beep kickball does not require a pitcher and the ball is never thrown. Likewise, only the two bases are tagged. Each team has five players. All players wear a blindfold to level the playing field. A player kicks the ball and runs to the base that is buzzing to initiate the game; if the kicker tags the base before the fielders pick up the ball, the kicker scores a run. If the fielders pick up the ball before the kicker tags the base, the kicker is out and the next kicker is up. Beep kickball permits three outs and is played for six innings.