Physical Education With a Twist

Our hands-on Physical Education With a Twist workshops provide students the opportunity to expand their horizons by participating in an adapted sport through the lens of a person with low vision. This unique teaching approach exposes students to engaging with people with low vision by allowing them to experience playing the sports they know and love with an adapted twist. Whether or not there is a student with low vision present within the school, this method increases knowledge regarding physical fitness, disability awareness, including proper interaction with others, anti-bullying, and fosters a positive outlook toward people from diverse backgrounds. Some STRIVE4You team members even utilize service animals during their presentations, adding to the excitement of the learning experience. These workshops are designed for all K-12 students and allow educators to learn how to properly incorporate students with low vision into their curriculum.

STRIVE4You assembles a diverse team of two to four presenters to facilitate physical
education classes for a half- or full day. One predetermined activity/sport is presented during
each class period. All necessary equipment and supplies to conduct the requested activities are
provided. Our team modifies the activity to meet the class schedule and needs.

Sample P.E. With a Twist Outline

An example class format for a 50-minute class period may include:

  • 10 minutes – Introduction of STRIVE4You, the team, and the activity/sport
  • 30 minutes – Hands-on activity/sport, rotating all students into the game
  • 10 minutes – Q&A session allowing students to ask the team any related questions

The ARISE team will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the first class to allow adequate time for setup, and will ensure cleanup is completed after the activity is concluded. Instructional staff are requested to remain with their students and are welcome to participate if they choose.

Take-home packets with materials on low vision awareness and fun activity sheets are provided to each student. These materials will facilitate ongoing discussions for further learning about people with low vision.

Request a Workshop

If you are interested in bringing ARISE to your school, the first step is to fill out our request form. An ARISE team leader will contact you to further discuss our visit and provide you with a quote. Once our visit is complete, we will ask you to submit feedback. We hope you will consider allowing us to help you shape the minds and bodies of the future!

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