SEED Safety Education Workshops

SEED offers in-person workshops and virtual webinars that explore a variety of safety
and security topics. STRIVE4You hosts these opportunities with open registration
throughout the year, and individuals and organizations are encouraged to inquire about
private workshop offerings. In-person workshops are offered in four, six, and eight-hour
sessions. Webinars are two, four, or six-hour virtual sessions available for completion in one
day or divided over multiple according to preference and scheduling needs. Workshops and
webinars are tailored to request and conducted by two qualified SEED instructors. Safety
education workshops available include the following.

SEED 101 Core Elements, which explores:

  • Common safety terms and definitions
  • Situational awareness
  • Home and personal safety
  • Mental health and safety
  • Functional foundations
  • Weapons, safety devices, and technology
  • Firsthand techniques

Empowering Words, which focuses on:

  • Providing a basic overview of our safety education curriculum
  • Reviewing the Empowering Words concepts derived from our SEED
    Functional Foundations
  • Developing skills to set boundaries
  • Providing opportunities to practice advocating for oneself

SEED Functional Foundations, which draws upon:

  • Drills and techniques that address stretching, controlled breathing, balance,
    stance, and basic footwork
  • Using words to advocate and control a situation
  • Cross-application of skills to both self-defense and ordinary life

Mental Health and Safety, which provides information about:

  • Basic personal safety education
  • Mental wellness and how it can affect an individual’s view of safety
  • Tools to manage mental health and safety