SEED Curriculum

The Safety Education Empowering Defense (SEED) program’s mission is to build and grow a culture around safety and security for all. Throughout our curriculum we cover a holistic skill-based approach to safety education and self-defense. SEED was created for individuals with low vision for people with low vision and other professionals and community members, making it more relatable and practicable for those we aim to serve.

Our curriculum addresses:

  • Defining safety terminology and introducing unfamiliar terms
  • Determining the intent of others you interact with
  • Situational awareness
  • The who, what, and where of safety and how it looks for each person
  • Actionable steps to learn for your personal safety
  • Weapons and how their use can affect you
  • Technology and your personal safety
  • Mental health and your personal safety
  • Reporting
  • Personal internal assessment
  • Home safety
  • And more!