Becoming a SEED Instructor

If you’re reading this page, you probably want to know what it looks like to become a certified SEED instructor. Interested individuals can apply to become a Safety Education Specialist or Certified
Instructor, with opportunity in the future to promote to an Advanced Instructor. The SEED
Instructor Certification Training Course is a 6-12 month process that extensively explores
safety education and self-defense. It includes online independent studies, an in-person, three-day
intensive training, and hours of mentorship from experienced Advanced Instructors.
Following completion, instructors will be certified in the SEED system and will participate in
teaching ongoing classes locally within their communities. The application process is
comprehensive to ensure only professionally qualified candidates are accepted.

Why Should You Become an Instructor?

As part of the STRIVE4You mission to provide the education, resources, and opportunities needed for people with low vision to live vibrant and fulfilled lives, we recognize that we must take our services to the client for maximum impact. The only way to achieve this is to find enthusiastic, motivated, and professionally qualified individuals to certify in our comprehensive curriculum to help us spread these essential services to every corner of the country. With tens of thousands of people with low vision discouraged to confidently travel independently to explore their community, go to work or school, or take care of simple errands for fear of feeling targeted as well as society’s perception of vulnerability, there is no doubt that the SEED program is invaluable. Whether you are a professional working with people with low vision such as the VI/blind, or a person who is passionate about seeing yourself and others succeed through gaining confidence and the empowerment to live the vivacious lives you desire, you can make a difference. Many people also seek certification as a method to earn extra cash or become an entrepreneur. Whether your journey of safety and security is self-motivated or intended to help others we are here to guide you!

Types of Instructors

In the SEED Safety Education Empowering Defense program of STRIVE4You we have three types of certified instructors to assist in expanding the impact of this incredible life-changing program. Each type of instructor plays an intricate part in the success of our clients and therefore the success of our program. You can become certified as a:

1. Safety Education Specialist (SES)

This instructor can teach our SEED curriculum with the exception of the hands-on techniques. SES instructors can instruct in-person or virtual workshops and will help facilitate online safety education courses through the STRIVE2Thrive Academy.

2. SEED Instructor (SI)

This type of instructor is certified to teach our SEED curriculum including our skills-based techniques anywhere in the United States. SEED Instructors can instruct in-person or virtual workshops, online safety education courses, and ongoing classes for both safety education and hands-on techniques.

3. Advanced Instructor (AI)

Our Advanced Instructors are the top level of instructors within SEED. An AI is recruited from within and handpicked from SEED instructors that possess excellent presentation and teaching skills as well as display a clear understanding of the SEED curriculum and methodology. AIs and the Program Director are the ambassadors for the program, making presentations nationally at conferences and other agency functions. Our team of Advanced Instructors use their experience and knowledge to serve as regional representatives, instructor mentors, and assist the Program Director by constantly developing, evaluating, and implementing relevant curriculum and techniques to ensure we maintain a sustainable world-class program. Advanced Instructors also preserve the excellence of the SEED program by training and evaluating our Safety Education Specialist and Seed Instructors for certification, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of instruction from well-trained individuals.

What Is the Certification Process?

STRIVE4You recognizes that building a culture around safety and security for all starts with our instructors. We understand that despite a person’s desire to be an instructor unfortunately not everyone is instructor material. Here at STRIVE4You we have set the standard for our entire team extremely high, and our certification process is extensive by design. It is our hope that this will guarantee personal growth for both our clients and instructors. Though the process is similar for both the Safety Education Specialist and the SEED Instructor, there are some slight variations which are outlined more in-depth on our SEED Instructor Culture page. The process is as follows:

  • Step 1: The application process which includes –
    • Submitting an online application and a $75 application fee
    • Passing an extensive background check
    • Undergoing an applicant interview
  • Step 2: Upon acceptance into the program, applicants are assigned a mentor to start their instructor training.
  • Step 3: Applicants will start their online certification course.
  • Step 4: Applicants will schedule and attend the virtual Instructor ORB training.
  • Step 5: Applicants will attend a scheduled Instructor Certification Training (ICT). This training is one day for Safety Educational Specialists and three days for SEED Instructors.
  • Step 6: Applicants will teach a minimum of 20 shadowing hours supervised by an Advanced Instructor.
  • Step 7: Applicants will take and pass final certification exam(s).

Once an instructor has completed all the steps and has passed all exams with appropriate scores their application, evaluations, and exams will be submitted to the Evaluation Council for final approval. A Letter of Certification and an Instructor Agreement will be issued upon approval. Full certification will begin on the date the Instructor Agreement is signed by all parties. Each certification lasts for two years and can be recertified every two years.

Certification and Renewal Fees

Each type of certification has both an initial certification fee and an annual recertification fee. We understand that finances can be a barrier for you pursuing this opportunity to become an instructor. STRIVE4You is committed to making our program offerings affordable for everyone. We are constantly looking for sponsors, grants, and other relevant funding sources to assist you should you need it. Payment plans can also be implemented!

  1. Initial certification fee – The initial certification fee for a Safety Education Specialist is $400.00, and $600.00 for SEED Instructors. This includes the $75 application fee, access to both online and in-person certification training, and your first year of certification.
  2. Annual recertification fee – Evaluations for recertification take place every two years; however, we have broken your recertification fee down into two easy annual payments of $75.00. The recertification fee includes ongoing support from your mentor and access to your online Instructor Portal full of tools and resources to ensure your success as an instructor.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about becoming an instructor, be sure to check out our SEED Instructor Culture page. Also feel free to contact our Program Director via email at, or by phone at 1-866-40STRIVE (7-8748) Extension 740.

Apply to Become an Instructor

Are you ready to join the STRIVE4You team by becoming an instructor of the SEED program? If so, the process starts HERE!