Hands On Training

            As part of the SEED program elements, our physical technique for self-defense is an essential part of our program. This is the only program element that is required to be instructed in-person due to liability purposes. More Importantly, we want to ensure the quality of instruction so that no one gets hurt preforming a technique incorrectly without proper supervision. The physical portion of our curriculum includes foundational training covering often-neglected topics that are often uniquely challenging for people with disabilities. These include balance and breath control, body movement strategies, and targeting of vital & accessible striking points. All techniques were selected through a rigorous vetting process to ensure we only use the best techniques that can be tailored to meet the needs and situations of any student, particularly those unique needs of practitioners with disabilities. The SEED system draws on a variety of martial arts and self-defense styles including;  Aikido, Hapkido  traditional older forms of  Japanese Jui-jitsu, and others. The SEED techniques are designed with a progression approach so that if you need options, you got them! We understand that there are a wide variety of situation and encounters in this world of ours. We want to give you as many options to keep yourself safe as possible. We here at STRIVE4YOU are all about providing opportunities! And the SEED circle of services certainly has that. Let’s look at just a few of the benefits and opportunities that SEED has to offer regarding our physical curriculum for both students and our instructors.

In General 

  1. Holistic- SEED takes a holistic peer to peer approach to Safety Education and   self-defense. We understand it’s not just one thing or another. There are mental and physical skills to build to develop and grow one’s own safety. We look at it as a never-ending cycle that requires on going care and attention to grow and be its best.
  2. Skill Based- If you are someone who has no experience or a few years of experience we can meet you no matter where you’re at on your safety journey. This not only applies to our students but our instructors as well.
  3. SEED can suit your lifestyle- SEED offers drills and exercises that student can do at home in between attending in person classes / workshops that can grow their skills on personal safety, both physical and mentally. You can do these with friends or on your own. We want to give you options so no matter where you’re at in life or in the world you can still strive forward.

For Students

  1. Through the STRIVE2Thrive Academy, are Online SEED Curriculum workshops  are available for students to take until we can locate you a Certified SEED Instructor in your area that offers the in-person training you are looking for. SEED continuously certifies individuals all over the United States, so if we don’t have an instructor in your area yet it’s only a matter of time before we do!
  2. Range of skills and techniques that can be acquired.

Our hands on techniques start with the very basics with our Functional Foundations, all the way up to our Advanced curriculum addressing the conversation about weapons and the blind community. This is just our SEED 101 curriculum; we will continue to develop and expand it overtime allowing you to continuously grow your skills as well.

  • Opportunities for learning- SEED is offering more opportunities to take our in-person Hands On Training. We are always exploring opportunities to offer in-person Workshops and ongoing classes as our team grows. Over the next year we will be scheduling regional trainings for both our instructors and students.

Introductory Self-Defense Workshops

These Half or full-day events cover firsthand techniques, Functional Foundations, situational awareness, and the legalities surrounding self-defense. These training opportunities offer an excellent chance to experience the effectiveness of a self-defense technique firsthand, while providing a platform for meaningful safety education discussions. Groups or agencies can request to host a workshop in their community and our SEED instructors will host periodic workshops around the country.

Upcoming SEED Workshops

Ongoing Classes

Many people who are enthusiastic to see others succeed choose to become a Certified SEED Instructor (SI). A SI can then offer Ongoing Classes within their agency or community anywhere in the United States. STRIVE4YOU recognizes in the endless pursuit of personal growth the only way to be truly prepared to manage any encounter you may run across we must practice on a regular basis. Thus, the need for ongoing classes. SEED class duration, price, and progression will differ slightly depending on each instructor’s availability & philosophy, as well as regional, and student specific needs. However, each class will cover the entire gauntlet of the SEED Core Curriculum and will explore other innovative techniques as student develop their skills. You can always contact the Program Director to enquire as to the close’s available instructor in your area.

Upcoming Ongoing Classes

Firsthand Training for Instructors

Thee SEED program relies on the skills and experience of our Certified Instructors to help expand the impact of our program and the STRIVE4YOU mission. We are dedicated to ensuring our instructors continuously have opportunities for professional growth. Being a teacher is never easy, just ask any K-12 educators! However, we can tell you there is nothing is more rewarding, especially when what you are teaching leads to an abundance of confidence for your students and may mean the difference between life and death. Let’s look at the ongoing support and training SEED offers if you choose to become an instructor.

  1. Mentoring- SEED has made a fundamental decision from the beginning that instructor mentoring will be a mandatory part of our program. This will start from the moment your are excepted into the Instructor Certification Course and throughout your career as an instructor.  Now this does not mean we are going to bother you all the time, we’re here as you need us! SEED wants to provide as much support as you need or want. Mentors are the Certified Advanced SEED Instructors.
  2. Advancement

Speaking of Advanced Instructors that’s right we have three types of instructors in SEED. One is our Safety Education Instructors. Next is our Self Defense instructor and to top it off our advance instructors.

  • Ongoing training
  • Evaluation council

STRIVE 4 You has developed an evaluation council that not only evaluates all our program’s curriculum to ensure it meets industry & educational standards, as well as serving as a certification panel to legitimize our certification process. All instructors must be approved through the council before becoming a Certified SEED Instructor. In addition, if an instructor has concerns regarding evaluation, certification, or feels they have been incorrectly dismissed the instructor can appeal to the evaluation council as part of the STRIVE4YOU appeals process. Instructors will also go through the council every 2 years for recertification in the SEED program. Again, this ensures that your certification means something and guarantees we have professionally qualified instructors providing the end user with a world class experience!

The above is just a small taste of what SEED has to offer. If you’re interested in learning more about SEED or are interested in joining the team as an instructor please feel free to reach out to us through the below form, or contact the SEED program director at Seed.director@strive4you.org or by phone at 1-866-40STRIVE!