SEED Empowering Words Part 1

STRIVE4YOU, through our Safety Education Empowering Defense (SEED) program, is excited to offer this two-part Empowering Words Webinar. As part of our SEED Communicating Safety Module, our Empowering Words curriculum centers on developing an individual’s skills to set boundaries and advocating for one’s own safety. We recognize that for some it is hard to say no or to verbally set boundaries to ensure our own safety. However, our words and the tone we use can be an immensely powerful tool we can use to defuse a situation from escalating to violence, advocate how a situation makes us feel uncomfortable, or educate those that may infringe on our safe zone simply to “help” a person with a disability. Join us as we explore how what we say and how we say it can help us build confidence for independent travel and develop lifelong skills for dealing with any type of interactions we may encounter!

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Jan 10 2022


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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