Evaluation Council


To ensure the programs and services offered through STRIVE4You are of the highest quality as well as establish integrity and legitimacy, we have developed an Evaluation Council. STRIVE4You’s Evaluation Council is a standing committee made up of individuals from all backgrounds and professions. The council’s primary responsibility is to review, monitor, and approve all academic and training materials, courses, and certifications offered through the various STRIVE4You programs. 

Curriculum Evaluation

Each program of STRIVE4You may have one or more online or in-person courses/trainings. This council is developed to review and approve the course/training curriculum to ensure that they meet education standards, provide content that effectively achieve course objectives, and are beneficial to the student/participant. Periodic evaluation of these courses and student progress will guarantee success and allow the council to make recommendations for course improvements.

Certification Evaluation

The second role of this council is to review recommendations for program certifications and give final approval so that those presenting on behalf of the organization are qualified and knowledgeable and will be good ambassadors of STRIVE4You. Our panel review process will make certain that individuals are evaluated, and that the process is fair, unbiased, and completed with integrity.

Educational/Certification Appeals

An additional purpose of this committee is to act as a level of review in the appeals process regarding academic individual evaluations (in this role, any individual who has grievances related to certification evaluations). The full process is outlined in the STRIVE4You Grievance Policy.

Council Makeup

The chairperson of this committee will be a member of the Board of Directors and be appointed by the president of the board. They will be responsible for presiding over all Academic Council business and providing updates to the Board of Directors. Additionally, each Program Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee, representing their respective program in an advisory capacity. Other council members will be recruited and appointed by the Executive Director, the Board President, and/or the council’s Chairperson.

There should always be a minimum of three and a maximum of 11 council members. These individuals will be volunteers from different backgrounds. Some may be internal while others external, representing the local community outside of the organization. Council members are selected to fulfill one of two roles, Educational Specialist or Content Specialist.

Educational Specialist

Educational Specialist members are qualified individuals who have extensive backgrounds in education, course and curriculum evaluation, program development, or related fields. The Education Specialist’s primary objective on the council is to review, evaluate, and provide feedback without bias to ensure the highest quality of educational content is being provided to STRIVE4You clients and the general public.