Unique, Dynamic Team Building

Are you looking for the most dynamic team building exercises that are certain to improve your team’s communication and collaboration skills? Think about this: how powerful would it be for your next team building exercise to be playing a sport where each participant is blindfolded and, suddenly, trust and communication are essential skills to win the competition and reach a common goal? STRIVE4You has several different types of unique activities that facilitate opportunities for your staff to enhance communal support, foster encouragement to boost team productivity, increase self-confidence, improve problem-solving skills, and promote individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences!

By experiencing these unique activities through the eyes of someone with a disability, your team members will relieve stress and inspire laughter and learning while at the same time replacing limiting beliefs with “possibility thinking.” Not only will you be teaching your team about themselves and their capabilities, but you will be educating them on the exceptional abilities of people with disabilities. As always, STRIVE4You can tailor a team building session to meet any timeframe, topic, or group you might have.