Building Blocks of Acceptance

Many people with low vision report feeling anxiety and tension when going out into their community for fear of being treated differently based on inaccurate stereotypes. At STRIVE4You, we believe that no person should feel uncomfortable when they venture into public stores, restaurants, medical facilities, social events, etc. Unless someone lives or regularly interacts with someone with low vision, they might feel awkward and unsure of how to assist, have strained communication exchanges, or be uncertain of socially accepted behaviors. The BE REAL program strives to eliminate these negative stereotypes and awkward experiences, removing barriers and educating for a more unified community with diverse insight.

With our unique workshops taught by people with low vision, your team can experience a true diversity and sensitivity training like no other! Our seminars are either half- or full-day and extensively cover the ADA law, acceptable behaviors when working with a person with low vision, and effective communication. These trainings are led by two to four instructors. They are interactive and discussion-based, and perfect for all professions where a person with a physical, visual, cognitive, or a hidden challenge may be a customer, client, or employee. Ensuring your team is properly trained is not only the legal thing to do, but it is also the moral thing to do. Only then can we truly promote a diverse and inclusive society for all!